Salus Alpha - IT is renowned for willingness to challenge established practices and provide innovative approaches to projects. Salus Alpha - IT combines technical expertise with agility, experience, value, and flexibility to deliver technological solutions. With a young, dynamic and fast growing team of individuals, we provide low risk, high quality technology solutions in realm of alternative investments.

We provide innovative application development, maintenance and support to the customers which address specific business needs, processes and practices that are unique to the customer based on the markets they operate in. Application performance, availability and response times are critical factors for success in the highly competitive financial market. To ensure a prompt service response in today's rapidly changing market situations, our entire team works as a unified whole from start to finish by pooling their extensive domain experience & technology expertise to provide a competent range of service offerings including :-

- Full Life-cycle Application Development 
- Technology Consulting
- Business Process Optimization
- Business Process Automation

Our solutions and services enable the clients to be competitive and flexible and works like catalyst for their business success in local market. Hence, the development of such solutions and services demands a deeper insight into client's requirements, business processes, and success is hinged upon innovation, strong technical knowhow and delivering capabilities. We are committed to continuously improving the performance, functionality and cost-effectiveness of our services, through enhancing our existing knowledge with new and innovative technical solutions.

We believe in upholding the highest standards of excellence with an unwavering pledge to total quality and groundbreaking thinking. Guided by a client-first business philosophy, our unique spirit of creativity and challenge allows us to offer truly superlative services that focus on exceeding expectations on quality, cost, reliability, delivery and efficiency.